Frequent Ask Questions

  1. Can I get an earlier service activation date?
    We provide the earliest dates we have available when we contact you after processing your order. All Singapore fibre broadband providers use OpenNet’s available pool of resources to see how soon we can activate our service.
  2. How long are your contracts?
    Our standard fibre broadband contract is 24 months. We have a 12-month contract option with no promotional free months if we do offer any. The latter has no promotional free months.
  3. How fast can I get my fibre broadband service up?
    Due to popular demand for our current promotion, our 1Gbps installations will roll out in batches. If you sign up now, our Order team will give you a call in about 2-5 days time to confirm we have received it successfully. It may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for your fibre broadband to be activated — the exact date depending on how fast OpenNet takes to provision the broadband to your address, as well as your preferred installation day and time.
  4. Is my home fibre ready?
    You can do a quick check using OpenNet’s databaseAlternative you can just sign up with us, we will confirm your status before process your order. If your house will be fibre ready soon, you may sign up for our plans (excluding equipment bundle offers). We’ll simply start your service when your address is ready.
  5. Can I port my current number to MyRepublic Homevoice? 
    Yes you can. Please note that there will be a one time charge of $19.
  6. What makes our gamer plan so special?

         We constantly monitor latency for popular game servers

  • •Specific IP range for gamers
  • •Constantly fine tuning path to game servers by coordinating with upstream & game hosting providers
  • •Full visibility to service quality
  • -real time latency monitoring on our Game page
  • •Personalized experience for gamers
  • -customers can request adding specific game servers to our custom routing system